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When it comes to finding the best type of tire for your vehicle, understanding the differences between touring tires, high-performance tires, and ultra-high-performance tires can feel confusing. Choosing the right tire for your vehicle and needs all starts with the type of vehicle you drive, the kind of driving you do, and the what level of driving experience you want.

Grand Touring vs Ultra-High Performance Tires

Grand Touring tires, also called Touring Tires, are good all-around tires designed to give overall comfort, good handling, and lasting tread life. Many drivers use touring tires for long-distance driving for these reasons. High-Performance and Ultra-High Performance tires are designed to withstand higher speeds and provide enhanced handling, cornering, and braking at high speeds. Although they used to be summer-only tires, now there are a variety of all-season High- and ultra-high-performance tires available.

What Does “Ultra-High Performance Tire” Mean?

Ultra-High Performance, also called “UHP” tires, used to be just for luxury cars or racing. They offer all the precise, enhanced handling performance of a High-Performance tire, and are designed to withstand the increased horsepower and torque of a high-speed vehicle. Even at very high speeds, cars with Ultra-High Performance tires respond with sensitivity and precision to their drivers, due to a larger percentage of tread in contact with the ground, a heat-dispersing design, and special soft rubber that grips the road. In the past, UHP tires were not used for daily driving because their softer tread wore quickly, they had poor traction in wet or cold conditions, and they were known to give a bumpy, noisy ride.

Not anymore! These days, tire companies have designed Ultra-High Performance tires that counteract all these issues, while still giving drivers the satisfaction of precise control over their vehicle, and the ability to really “feel” the road. Some of the best Ultra-High Performance tires, such as Landsail’s LS588 UHP tire, are even All-Season tires, allowing for Ultra-High Performance and handling year-round, in many regions. Have a look at this sleek Mustang by Sin City Muscle Cars, featuring the LS588 UHP tire, turning heads on the streets of Las Vegas in the video below.

The LS588 UHP is the Best of Both Worlds

Landsail’s LS588 UHP is one of these select few tires that combines Ultra-High Performance handling and the highest speed ratings available for a street tire, with All-Season versatility. It delivers a quiet, comfortable ride, a tread pattern that maintains traction in both dry and wet conditions, and features the special “LS” Silica Compound, which increases the tire’s flexibility in low temperatures. In fact, the LS588 UHP carries the M+S (Mud + Snow) rating, showing that it maintains traction in mud and light snow conditions.

Landsail Tire LS588 | UHP | Ultra High-Performance |
Landsail Tire LS588 | UHP | Ultra High-Performance |
Landsail Tire LS588 | UHP | Ultra High-Performance |

The “LS” Silica Compound also reduces rolling resistance, meaning your car will use less fuel in the long run. For extra peace of mind about tire life, this tire is backed up with Landsail’s complimentary 50K Mileage Warranty, as well as Road Hazard Coverage. Click here to read more about the LS588 UHP.

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