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More and more drivers are looking for Performance Tires; in fact in 2017, the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association reported that the popularity of Performance Tires had been increasing for eight straight years! So what are performance tires, and what types of vehicles are they for?

Performance vs Passenger Tires

Performance tires are designed to give drivers more control and better handling of their vehicle, and often have higher speed ratings, compared to a regular tire, such as a touring tire. Performance tires are made with a softer rubber, smaller tread blocks, and designed so that a larger portion of the tire stays in contact with the road, making the vehicle more responsive to the drivers’ handling. Higher speed ratings on Performance tires mean that they can perform well at higher speeds than a regular tire. For example, the Landsail LS588 SUV comes in speed ratings H (130 mph), V (149 mph), W (168 mph) and Y (186 mph).

In the past, Performance tires were typically used only on vehicles like muscle cars or racing cars, and because of their softer rubber and higher level of road noise, they weren’t used much for daily driving. However, because of the demand for higher performance tires for everyday use, there are now Performance tires available for a wide variety of types of vehicle that offer high-level driving control and handling for “daily drivers.”

A BIG Difference

Performance tires make a big difference in a vehicle’s responsiveness to braking, cornering, and handling, especially at higher speeds. The larger contact patch (the areas of the tire tread that are in contact with the road) and the softer rubber both give excellent grip and traction in wet and dry conditions, which means better handling. This enhanced traction also means that Performance tires corner well and have a shorter stopping distance, especially during higher speed driving.

The average Performance tire is ideal for both wet and dry summer weather, but if you want superior driving performance year-round, make sure you look for an All-Season Performance tire. All-Season Performance tires combine the benefits of a Performance tire with the durability and cold-weather readiness of an All-Season tire.

Are Performance Tires Good for SUV/CUV Driving?

You don’t need to drive a race car to experience the control and comfort of a Performance tire. If you’re a SUV or CUV driver who wants superior handling of your vehicle, or who may just feel the need to open up the throttle once in a while, there are Performance tires made just for you!

The Landsail LS588 SUV Performance tire offers the ideal combination of Performance and All-Season tire features, with the highest possible speed ratings for street tires. The tread groove design is optimized to give high performance handling while minimizing road noise, and the large area of tread in contact with the road gives dependable handling on dry, hot roads. The rubber compound is formulated to give enhanced performance in wet conditions, and to stay flexible even as the temperature drops, to maintain traction and grip.

The LS588 SUV is even M+S (Mud + Snow) Rated, indicating that it maintains good performance even in light snow and muddy conditions. The rubber compound is specially designed to reduce rolling-resistance, improving your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. The LS588 SUV also comes with Landsail’s 50K Mileage Warranty, as well as Road Hazard Coverage, to let you enjoy your drive with extra peace of mind.

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If you’re looking for enhanced handling and responsiveness while driving, especially for higher speeds, then a Performance tire is an excellent choice, especially one that you can drive year-round! Check your car manual to find out which speed ratings are applicable to your vehicle, choose the same speed-rating tire for all four tires on your vehicle, and remember that just because your tire is rated for high speeds, to respect the speed limit wherever you are driving.