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Rough-Terrain, also called R/T or “Hybrid” tires, combine the Mud-Terrain tires’ traction on unstable terrain with the longer tread life and comfortable ride of an All-Terrain tire. Mud-Terrain tires are constructed and designed for extremes, and All-Terrain tires are designed for paved roads with off-road versatility. Rough-Terrain tires split the difference.

Off-Road Capability with On-Road Comfort

R/T tires share the large tread blocks and debris-ejecting sidewalls that give M/T tires their traction and effectiveness, making R/T tires more effective than A/T tires on muddy or rocky terrain. Unlike M/T tires, R/T tires not only perform well on rugged terrain, but they also maintain the good handling, tread life, and improved ride comfort on paved roads characteristic of an A/T tire.

With longer-wearing tread than the softer rubber of M/T tires, Rough-Terrain tires are a good choice for vehicles that are driven on paved streets during the week, and go overlanding or off-roading on weekends.

Landsail R/T CLX12 Tire | Rogueblazer | Rough Rugged Terrain |

What are R/T Tires Used For?

Rough-Terrain tires are best for drivers who need a tire that can handle more extreme terrain than an All-Terrain tire, but don’t need a dedicated Mud-Terrain tire or don’t want the hassle of switching tires to go from paved roads to off-roading or overlanding. If up to 50% of driving time is off-road, then R/T tires are a good choice. R/T tires are built for owners of Light Trucks, overlanders, and off-road vehicles with lifted suspensions, and have the aggressive look and larger wheel/rim diameters that most off-road enthusiasts prefer.

Landsail R/T CLX12 Tire | Rogueblazer | Rough Rugged Terrain |

How Do You Find the Best R/T Tire?

The best Rough-Terrain tire merges adventure and comfort without sacrificing either.
Landsail’s Rogueblazer CLX12 Rough-Terrain tire combines the off-road engineering of a Mud-Terrain tire with the on-road wear and handling of an All-Terrain tire.
The Rogueblazer is equipped with 12 Ply construction, F-Rated for towing and hauling (in select sizes), and its sidewalls are reinforced with three layers of polyester cord fabric and high-strength steel belts to withstand sharp rocks and debris.
Dual sidewall options allow drivers to choose between two aggressive designs, which both enhance grip and prevent damage in rugged terrain. The Rogueblazer’s ultra-stable shoulder design improves control on unstable terrain, and the tire’s deep angled and varied groove structure improves drainage, braking and handling, and ejects stones.

Landsail R/T CLX12 Tire | Rogueblazer | Rough Rugged Terrain |

More aggressive than a typical A/T tire, and more refined than a typical M/T tire, OHV and Trail Ready with Off-Road Capability and Mud + Snow Rating, the Rogueblazer CLX12 R/T gives you the eye-catching look and proven reliability you need for your on- and off-road adventures.

Experience the Rogueblazer for yourself in this video, featured on a Jeep Gladiator:

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