Commercial Van Tire

These “C” designated tires are designed for higher load carrying capacities. Fitments are available for a broad range of commercial vehicles.

Typical Vehicle Fitments:
Dodge Ram ProMaster
Nissan NV200
Ford Transit Connect Van/Wagon
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The Largest Selection of Staggered Tire Sizes for Replacement and Original Equipment Fitments. See chart below to view all sizes.

Euro-metric Commercial Tires for Eurovans.

Three Longitudinal Grooves.

 Improved hydroplaning resistance while enhancing tire traction in wet weather.

Staggered Sipings.

Improved braking ability when carrying those heavier loads!

Compact Shoulder.

Enhanced shoulder stability optimizes high-speed cornering performance.

Heat-Releasing Shoulder.

Continous “S” grooves improve heat-releasing ability to maximize tire mileage and improve fuel economy.

LSV88 Tire Size Chart

Wheel DiameterSizeLSRim WidthTread Depth (1/32")Tread Depth (mm)Diameter (inch)Diameter (mm)Section Width (inch)Section Width (mm)Max Load (lbs)Max Load (kg)Max Load (Dual)Max Load (Dual)Max Pressure (psi)Max Pressure (kPa)RPM
15195/70R15C LRD104/102S5.0-5.5-6.011.590551189.225.787401576557.9133858272011984.126984900187485065450805.4060818
15205/65R15C LRD102/100T5.5-6.0-6.512.59842521025.472440946478.2283464572091873.897707850176480055375815.3647351
15225/70R15C LRD112/110S6.0-6.5-7.012.850393710.227.440944886978.9763779532282469.13580211202337106069475756.8737211
16215/75R16C LRD113/111S5.5-6.0-7.012.850393710.228.661417327288.5039370082162535.27336911502403109069475724.6442083

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