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Want to control your future outlook with a good grip on the road ahead?

Most of us spend our days confined to the small square footage of space that surrounds our desks. Sometimes we are momentarily transported by the posters of inspirational quotes we’ve put on our walls, the picturesque scenery on our screensaver – or if we’re lucky enough – the nice view outside our window. They say that in order to decrease stress, you must increase your visual vantage point. And the reality is that we were designed to stand and be outdoors. Our biology positively responds to the sun, and adventure gives us a feeling of being alive.

The new Landsail tire called the Stormblazer CLX20 was designed to get you back into nature, even if it’s through the vantage point of a suspended vehicle window! The focus of this product is to provide the bustling crossover market with a smartly engineered and high-quality hybrid tire. We were so excited about the Stormblazer CLX20 that we purchased a Subaru Outback to build out and use for the brand at outdoor and automotive events. Landsail named the 2023 Suby THE CROSSLAND. Our objective behind doing this was that we wanted to feel what you feel, we wanted our hands to be on the steering wheel of a properly-built overland crossover that’s after adventure.

About the Build: THE CROSSLAND

When it came to outfitting the vehicle, we partnered with some of the best in the industry: Ready Lift helped with giving the vehicle clearance and the ability to run a larger tire suspension. For the front, we used a Rally Innovations front bumper and a Primitive Racing skid plate. We finished it off with lighting by Baja Designs. All these tweaks helped with additional clearance, protection, and better nighttime visibility for safer explorations. For recovery, we used the 5th tire mount by RIGd Supply with the Maxtrax recovery board attachment and the Rhino USA recovery strap kit. To air down and air up we are used a Viair compressor. From Rokblokz, we are running their mud flaps that matched the recovery boards and overall color theme of the vehicle. For the fun stuff, a full kit by Yakima was used to thoughtfully take up the roof space. The system was fully modular with a basket to carry all the recovery gear including a Hobie Fishing Kayak from OEX in Sunset Beach. To finish off the build, we used ICON Journey wheels in 17x8 with a 38mm to offset on our new Landsail Stormblazer CLX20 245/65r17s.

About the tire: STORMBLAZER CLX20

THE STORMBLAZER CLX20 has a strong tread pattern and the option to choose the look you want with a dual sidewall design. This CUV/SUV tire is designed to give you reliability and durability wherever your outdoor adventure takes you. The Stormblazer also comes in F-Rated 12-ply for extra towing capability in select tire sizes and will be available in 15, 20, 22, 24 wheel diameters and over 50+ sizes.

“Aggressive tires and off-road style wheels are the look and function drivers are outfitting their SUVs and CUVs with – and this is not just a trend”.
Maxwell Wee

Why the CLX20?

The Stormblazer is equipped with the following features and benefits:

  • Aggressive Tread Design
  • All Weather Engineering
  • Three-Step Tread Block
  • Stone Ejectors
  • Dual Sidewall Design
  • Nano-Silica Compound
  • Steel Cord Belt
  • Hauling Capability

Designed for SUVs/CUVs, the Stormblazer was built specifically for OEMs such as: Subaru Outback, Subaru Forester, Lexus RX Toyota RAV4, Subaru Crosstrek, Honda CR-V, Jeep Renegade Trailhawk, Mazda CX-5, Nissan Rouge, Ford Escape & Jeep Cherokee. It also comes with a 55K mile warranty.

So instead of waiting for the weekend to get back out into nature, try trekking around with a set of Landsail’s Stormblazer CLX20s on your vehicle for your afterwork surf session or midweek hike, and see where the adventure takes you!